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Vortix Technology

Smart Cupping Therapy Device

Smart Cupping Therapy Device

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It integrates three functions: negative pressure cupping, scraping, and massaging. Through intelligent detection of the pressure in the cup, the negative pressure can be adjusted in real time. Two modes (deep negative pressure mode / soothing breathing mode) are available while doing any of the three functions of scraping, cupping or massaging. There are 12 levels of negative pressure and of red light heating to promote strong and stable suction effectively improve blood circulation, meridian dredging, relieve fatigue, relieve pain, dispel cold and dehumidification, improve immunity, and relax muscles. Battery: USB Charge (Type-C), 1800mAh Lithium-ion Red Light Heating: 12 levels Negative Pressure: 12 levels Timer Function: 20 minutes Display: LCD Material: ABS+ Silicone Size: 3”x 3.70” Weight: .77lbs

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